Thursday, October 19

260817 Fremantle Market

These was my third time went to Perth with friends. Since we were having holiday. Not really a holiday. It was a short escape for us. After our hectic August Birthday Bash on Monday, we head to Perth city on Friday. I wasn't even sure why we were going. It wasn't even holiday. But the short escape was all worth it. Me and Nurool went to Perth early in the morning by bus so we can met up with her sister in the airport, the others start their car in the afternoon after work. And met up in the hostel. 

After we met up with Nurool's sister we head straight to our hostel for a rest. Luckily the area we stayed over was near to some restaurant and IGA. We bought some food and had dinner there. While we were waiting for the guys to arrived we head out for a short walk at night to have a take away for them since they will be arriving around 9pm. As so we had our good rest and nothing plan ahead.

The next day I followed the guys to go take car from a friend. I didn't follow Nurool because she was planning to go for shopping. I wasn't keen in shopping for these trip. Just solely enjoy and relax. Following the guys was the best decision! I was able to eat Nasi Lemak again! Craving totally satisfied. Then we had to go find a car wash to clean the shit out of the car. It was a horror! When we saw the car it was totally dusty, messy and horrible condition. Well after all the cleaning drama we head to met up with Nurool and her sister.

This was my third time to Fremantle, the first time was during Christmas day last year, so it wasn't even open, went there just for a sight seeing. The second time we went there was our Rottness Island trip, evening time, most of the shop we closed that time only restaurant but luckily we witness amazing parade that night. As so this was my third time! Full of tourist in the market but we got to really look over the whole Fremantle properly and ended up with tons of photo. 

The weather was pretty chill in the morning and afternoon but when the sun started to set, its getting kinda cold. We enjoyed our day strolling around the market and tried their local seafood. When the night comes we decided to eat dinner nearby. We all had our separate dinner. I followed the guys for vietnamese food while the girls go for Nando's again. Wasn't into chicken that night HAHA. We all head back very tired and ready for bed. All of us were only look forward to all the photo on that day. We all talked and had a really great night. 

Not to mention I bought Lang Leav books! Nurool and her sister were laughing at me being the soft heart inside but looking tough outside. Anyone who really knows me understand what my personality is. Being tough outside was the only way to cover up my vulnerability. It's a way for me to protect myself from harm. But I'm glad they love me for who I am and supported me constantly. 💓💓💓

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Wednesday, October 11

210817 August Baby Birthday Bash

Our Birthday party was the biggest and the best of the best! I have never really do a big party before. But thanks to Nurool for making this awesome! We wouldn't made it without team work! Basically we did a lot of preparation for the party, from the decoration, food selection and arrangement for the day. I practically skipped class to help do all these preparation. 

These was our decoration! Our theme was black and gold! 
Making sure we fit the theme we have lots of lucky draw session and also best dress award.

Basically I took the opportunities to take lots of photo with the guys! Because that's where I felt privilege and best of the best. I mean I felt like I'm concurring the male world 😂😂😂 but not at all. Luckily the weather was great, no raining and not windy. 

The Jade House ladies! 

Lets Cheers!


The Queen 💗

Stamp a little kiss on your cheek 💋

August Baby Birthday Bash! Except for Nurool but oh well 😂

The party went on smoothly except for the part where we need to choose the best dress for the kids. We drag too long for that part and its getting real late by that time. As so we ended the best dress for adult quicker so we could end the party faster. Great that people enjoy the food and the event. It was my first time organized and prepared these big event. I even landed a new job, Emcee at that night. HAHA 

This was definitely our last big party, because next year some of them were leaving, and may not see each other for long time. This will be part of our biggest and happiest memories we created. It was a real moment that we enjoy and spend together even tho it was only a short time. Good and happy memories to be remembered. I love all of them so much, all my precious people that I encountered in this short period of time. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. 

Sunday, October 8

200817 Canola Farm and Lavender Farm Outing

We had the most spontaneous trip to Canola Farm and Lavender Farm Outing with bunch of them. We decided to go flower viewing because it was the season. Everyone of us were pretty excited to go and it was my first time too! As so I got ready and went to Nurool's house to meet up with them. As soon as they saw me wearing jeans jacket they all decided to wear as well. I find it real funny because we were like a bunch of weirdo with matching outfit. 

And the fact that Nicole and Justin everyone of us were in jeans clothing! We have the most funniest and coincidence moment. We all had a scrumptious meal but really not a fan of their breakie choices, still preferred their lunch menu they offered. Anyway afterward they bought coffee and we all head straight to Canola Farm.

Became an impromptu pre-wedding photoshoot.

Me being the funniest and craziest!! 😂

Us three girls, the trio! 

The view was amazing! The clouds wasn't really appealing but all was good!

Our group photo! We were so matching! 

We then had a short stay at the Lavender Farm. Took some of the photo's. Thankful that the weather was great and we all had the best of all. The flowers were blooming gorgeously. While all those we had the greatest photoshoot session. We went back to town early because we had to get the speaker for the next day big birthday party! Getting ready for all the stuff! Good day for us to catch up what we've been missing lately. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless

Monday, October 2

170817 25th Birthday

Had early birthday dinner with my Aunt the day before. 
A simple and nice dinner to celebrate my birthday.

I'm so happy that I got to hang out with my girls before we started our work at night. 
It was a really simple day for me. Received lots of wishes and awesome cake at work too!
I'm so glad & surprised that they gave me a cake!

When I reached home This is what I got for my Birthday again. 
My Aunt has been asking me to eat some cake but I refused her few times before.
But when I saw this cake I ate a slice and appreciate it. 

This was my second year celebrating Birthday overseas. I have been celebrating my Birthday back home since I was born. Nonetheless this year was another new year for me. I am 100% blessed and grateful for all the years and time being born. I am sure I was blessed abundantly with all the love from everyone. All the people I'm surrounded was kind and happy to have me. All the people that I met are the best. I just want to Thank God, through my ups and down, being there for me guiding me to the right path, showing me ways and opportunities ahead, all the precious memory, abundant love you have given me. Please continuously pour all Your blessing to me, letting me grow under Your guidance. Amen!  

Till then,
Cheers & God Bless.

110617 Burnt Barrel Outback & Lavender Valley Farm

This post was way back before I went to my UK trip. Definitely a long overdue blog post for this. It's back where we decided to go have lunch at Burnt Barrel Outback. For them it was their first time but it's my second time since I've been there. 

We ordered 3 big platter and shared among us. It was definitely a huge meal for 8 of us. But it was all worth to share with everyone. All was real good food and good atmosphere. 

These were our expression when the photographer told me to cover up my fatness. 😓😓

I wore tongs that day and the ground was full of prickle seed. It was a horror to walk.

We took tons of photo after our scrumptious lunch. We had a short play outdoor with other children. Afterwards we walk at the side of grape yard to a little photo taking session. It wasn't really a cold day that day. We all wore a little bit thicker for the weather, sweating a little bit but all was good.

Lastly we had another short stop at Lavender Farm. It was only for awhile. We ordered some dessert and play come chess game. 3 vs 1. I was winning in the beginning but then the guys surpassed my expectation! HAHAHA. They got the hang of it playing chess.

Till then,
Cheer & God Bless.