Sunday, August 13

210517 Bulan Ramadan House Party

This year Hari Puasa came early. Everyone were fasting at the first week of June. So Nurool decided to do a Bulan Ramadan House Party and invite few of her friends over to her house for lunch. So we helped her prepared and cook some delicious food. 

Not to mention amazing dessert section for all of us! 

Korean fried chicken from Moon & Minji.

Chef in making! 😁

I'm the BBQ chef! 

After all the party ended I had a short nap before I head to work in the Indian Restaurant. It was pretty much tiring and awesome day. After I finished work we went back to Nurool house to continue our leftover feast. And play some fireworks while we can. It was just as nice to have them in my life. A very simple and casual event but part of our memories. 💓

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Saturday, August 5

130517 Quaff Food & Wine Expo

Last two months ago when it was still summer. City of Great Geraldton conducted an event where we can enjoy glorious gourmet and feast from different food trucks and restaurant. This gave us opportunities to explore our taste bud and amazing winery available in WA.

We decided to go to into the Wine expo where we can taste different types of wine all over the country but mostly from WA region. Not to mention amazing dips and food tasting provided by various market.


I was pretty much at my limit of wine tasting. But nonetheless we still try bits by bits while we can.

I was already at my limit so we have to eat something to fill up our tummy and then continue the wine tasting session. But we were quite full by the time not in the mood to continue. I have to work as well.

We chill out and enjoy the amazing day together. It was fun with lots of laughter and moments. We were laughing like crazy because we're half drunk. We both even bought our favorite wine. All was good day for us. 

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Sunday, July 23

070517 Sunday Detox

After our Saturday Dim Sum Lunch I had my detox session with Nurool and Hyman.
It was always chill and relax time with them bunch.
We had lots of talk and relax time.
So we might as well do some short photo shoot session while we can.

I have just return from my holiday. 
So much to blog yet so little time.
Making my priority straight right now as I just started my new term.
It was kinda hectic for me right now. 
Need to keep my head straight up and focus on what I'm suppose to do.
Making use of the time I have right now. 
I've been procrastinating as long as I've been, not a good thing.
Anyway getting back on track slowly.
Will update blog post whenever I can since I have tons of overdue blog spot in my draft.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.

Thursday, June 15

060517 Saturday Dim Sum Lunch

Another day, another high tea session. This time Nicole learned to make dimsum. It was an awesome outcome for this lunch meal. Nurool decorated nicely with different style this time. The theme should be Chinese but ended up with Japanese plus modern classic. 

After we took tons of picture of the decoration we gathered all the food on the table and start feasting. Such amazing and scrumptious meal to start with. The amount of food was above average because it was all home cooked and self made. Nicole really did an amazing job in cooking.

As soon as we started our meal some of Nurool's husband friends came to join our lunch session as well as their neighbor. We have tons of food so luckily they manage to clear all the food. Otherwise we have lots of leftovers to dealt with. 

After our awesome meal we had a small meeting for our next party and short rest. Cause at night we were working, so relaxing while we can. It was really nice and chill day, lots of conversation, laughter and amazing food to end the day. I practically gained weight for eating non-stop ever since I come back from my Perth trip. Having a nice day was all worth it. Need to get back on track with fitness a.s.a.p.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless. 

Saturday, June 10

290417 BBQ Day & Sunset Walk

This was definitely an overdue long post. Long story short, 260617 marks the day my uncle passed away. It was a sudden shocked for us. We all knew he was unwell and was ready to go to Perth for minor operation. However due to sudden cardiac arrest/ heart attack he couldn't make it to through his minor surgery on May. It was a despair and sad day for us. I got the news after my aunt picked me up from my friends house. I was real calm when I heard the news because I haven't really absorb everything into my mind. All I was wondering why it happened?? I just couldn't get right through my head. Everything was in confusion. 

The next day(270617) I went to work at the Chinese Restaurant. I was calm when I head to work but as soon as I saw my friends I broke down in front of my them because I can't keep it together. I was real sad and mentally exhausted but I keep myself busy with work after a short while of crying. Afterwards I went to childcare for my next shift, keeping myself busy again to distract my mind, luckily the kids were good that time and keep me happy and entertained. While I was taking the bus home I received a message from one of my friend that I wanted to hear from the most. When I received his message it made me cried again because I need him by my side at that time. But because I refused to let him know what had happen he only got the news later. He ensure I was okay, I called and talked to him on the phone, he was trying to cheer me up and keep me on track. He was all I need to calm my mind. 

Not only that, the 3rd day(280617) after uncle passed away, a lot of problem arise, it was unexpected. All we can do was to wait and wait. Getting our mind and things sort out one by one. I can only be there for my aunt, to support her emotionally and ensure she had her meals. It was hard on both of us, but my aunt suffered the most. 

After a few days(290617) of grasping of what was happening, we kinda let loose a bit especially me. As I couldn't do much. Even tho I can't help much but I need to breathe and take a short break from staying at home for days. I decided to join back the BBQ session when I declined back then. I went to town by myself, walk around the town before I meet up with them on the beach. 

Had the most filling and scrumptious meal with them. It was a great day for BBQ session and we took few photos and enjoy the sunny day beside the beach. They made me calm and happy at the same time. Distract my mind and ensuring I'm alright.

After the BBQ session, one of the Aunty offered to send me home. But it was still too early for me. Because I wasn't ready to go home yet. So I went to shopping and go to one of our friend's house to get his bike. We were planning to do biking but I decided to work at night instead. He was kind enough to spend some time with me beside the beach, practicing his photography skill. It was funny, chill and calm day for me. I'm so thankful for him to stay by my side. He's definitely one of the best gem I've met. Taking a deep breath and distract myself with work and company was worth it. So blessed to have bunch of family and friends to support us while we were fragile and despair. So blessed and grateful despite unexpected circumstances problem arise.

Till then,
Cheers and God Bless.